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Redhawk Publications, established in 2017, is a unique publishing initiative of Catawba Valley Community College. With over 150 titles to date, Redhawk Publications is one of three community colleges nationwide with a literary publishing press. For more information, please contact Patty Thompson at pthompson994@cvcc.edu.

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Bill Fellenberg
Call (570) 352-2220‬ or fill out the Contact Form here.

“In his compelling memoir, Bill Fellenberg takes the reader on a voyage of self-discovery, as he traces the painful childhood events that shaped his sensibilities into adulthood. Instead of wallowing in self-pity, Fellenberg, a masterful writer, draws the reader into his story with lyricism, humor, and a frank outlook on life. I was utterly charmed and would look forward to reading a second volume of his poignant memoir.”

JANICE MEYERSON, opera singer/mezzo-soprano

“Grandma and I differ about chores,” from a live Yarnslinger’s reading.